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About Us:
Our goal is to see you return to your sport, your activity, your chosen way of being at a functional level which makes you to thrive in that environment.


Over the past 26 years, we have learned from the best functional movement educators, the world's best manual therapists, and assembled the latest technology so that you can receive the best that physical therapy can offer. Our goal is to help you return to optimal function in the quickest, safest manner possible. 


The therapist’s role at Flaming Physical Therapy is to identify the underlying dysfunction perpetuating the presenting clinical symptoms. The therapist then works together with the patient to develop and implement a personalized treatment program, which includes state of the art manual therapy, body mechanic training, and a custom Home Exercise Program.


Commit 100% to the program for optimal results.



The patient’s role at Flaming Physical Therapy is to commit 100% to the program. This involves doing your exercises, applying daily what you are taught about body mechanics, and providing accurate feedback to your therapist about your progress. In addition, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform the therapist a week prior to a follow-up physician’s visit so reports can be provided. Also, it is your responsibility to make sure your physician prescription is current. Remember your rehabilitation to achieve your potential and return to an active lifestyle is a team effort!


The Therapists at Flaming Physical Therapy function as a team and they will often consult with one another on complex patients to ensure the highest level of care. Because of the diverse specialties offered by each Therapist, patients are often scheduled with Glenn for the initial evaluation.  He will then direct the patient to the Therapist who will provide the most complete well-rounded approach to the treatment of their problems. While patients can be seen without a Physician’s referral, it is the preference of the staff at Flaming Physical Therapy that all patients are treated in conjunction with a referring Physician.

Results-driven Physical Therapy.

"I'm very thankful for Glenn Flaming and the care that he and his staff have shown our family over the years. Glenn is truly a student of the body. constantly looking to increase his knowledge, abilities, and skill set. He is an asset to the medical community and I'll gladly go see him again."


"There is a reason patients are always smiling here. Glenn and Tracy are knowledgable and firm, yet they make therapy, which is always highly individualized, rewarding, and interesting. Glenn gave me a series of exercises after my Achilles surgery that speeded up my recovery and improved my gait and balance. I looked forward to my therapy sessions and I know others did too. This practice is highly respected by local doctors."


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