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Telehealth Physical Therapy

TELEHEALTH: How Does it Work.

Telehealth Physical Therapy is a LIVE, ONE ON ONE, ON LINE THERAPY SESSION. Through your computer or smartphone, you are treated in your home, worksite, or even on an athletic field. Through real-time video interaction, your Therapist can perform every activity that would occur in the clinical setting, barring those that require hands-on interaction. Since Glenn dedicates 50-75% of clinical time to teaching, we have found that the virtual experience is extremely helpful.


To ensure that your session is of the highest quality, we utilize COMPLETE ANATOMY. This web-based, interactive 3-D teaching tool is utilized by universities to teach and demonstrate basic anatomy and physiology. We also incorporate an online home exercise program that includes WRITTEN AND VIDEO EXERCISES. You will practice exercises while your Therapist fine-tunes your performance. Then the video is emailed to you to practice after the session. When exercises are taught in your home, we can help you avoid barriers that could injure you or inhibit you in your environment, as well as instruct caregivers on how to give SAFE AND EFFECTIVE support. By mixing clinical and Telehealth sessions, we can gain the best of both forms for your therapeutic experience

View the video below to see Telehealth in action then call our office to schedule an appointment.


TELEHEALTH: What You Need to Know.

  • Medicare now covers Telehealth PT, but NOT ALL Insurances cover Telehealth PT.

  • You must specifically ask your Insurance if they cover Telehealth by Physical Therapists.

  • If your Insurance covers Telehealth PT, they pay at the same rate as in-office visits.

  • The SAME Co-Pay and Deductible apply to Telehealth PT as to in-office sessions.

  • If your Insurance does NOT cover Telehealth PT, you will need to pay for the session prior to the session.

  • You must sign the Telemedicine Patient Consent form prior to your scheduled appointment (see below).


TELEHEALTH: Patient Consent Forms

Not sure if Telehealth is right for you? Email or Call us:

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